Monday, February 27, 2012

Tip of the Day

It´s almost spring and its time for the gloves.
Gloves are practical but they hide our trendy, imposing rings?
Today rings are big and they have so extraordinary shapes, that it is impossible to wear them inside gloves.
Trend makers have figured out great solution: lets wear gorgeous rings on top of the gloves! 

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Ancient Trees my inspiration

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1,000 year old Yew tree, England.

As long as I remember I have loved forests. I grew up at country side and forest was the best place to play and wander around. Forest was a magical place, full of secrets and strange but always kind creatures. Something of that fairy-tale world has followed me ever since and forests are for me a great inspiration source and an important place to recharge my batteries.
Most of all I respect ancient trees, their are marvellous wonders on earth. Trees can live and grow more than thousand years old. Those trees have seen generations to come and go, what a huge knowledge must be restored under their rind.
If you hug a tree, you maybe can hear their story!

This week color card

At the moment turquoise is my favorite color, but I must admit that it is my favorite in my imagination and partly in my home decorations.
When it comes to my wardrobe the main color is still black. But I have some turquoise accessories and it´s perfect when you have the right, enough strong tone of turquoise.
For this coming spring and summer I am going to make a brake and change my wardrobe coloring to turquoise, brown, white and gray.
Here is one photo that I love because of its color, they make a lovely color card!

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Sorry ...

Isn’t it some times very hard to find right word to say that you really don´t want to go?
Try this some times, I am sure it leaves him or her speechless!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cartoon World

Color blocking has been for a while one of the fashion trends.
Many designers have made their personal look of it and it seems to go on even stronger.
Of course it is important and in time in summer collections, but it is seen also in coming autumn/winter 2012 collections.
Some designer have it very bright and others in slightly darken tones.

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It is very comprehend that colors have made their coming after many dark, gloomy, principally black seasons.
Also now we can see those colours, colour blocking even in neon colours on the streets. People want to be individual and want it to show out too.

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In New York fashion week, it was already noticed that the real fashionistas want to shine out, to be more distinctive.
More bright colours in clothes, bags jewellery and even in make up.

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But where are we going?
If we collect all impressions shown at streets and catwalks, it looks like we are more and more going to ”cartoon direction”.
If we look the guests of New York fashion week it was the obvious change.
Many fashionistas were having, may be little curious out look, like they were living creatures from some cartoon or fable.
They were telling their own cartoon by their clothes, and I think it is fantastic. It is a very welcome feature in fashion.

Meadham Kirchhoff  F/W  2012, via:

Peter Pilotto F/W  2012, via:

London fashion week is known as a very advanced ambience, and these infuences were more seen there than in other fashion cities.
There were collections as Louise Gray, Meadham Kirchhoff, Peter Pilotto and many other that show out the transform and cartoon – fable inspired new fashion direction.
Here are the stories of Star Wars, Barbie World and Simpsons.
Powerful, sweet Mangna girls are saving the world and big hatted girls in their buckle shoes are straight like from Jane Austin stories.

Jeremy Scott  F/W  2012, via:

Louise Gray  F/W  2012, via:

London is the leading city, when we talk about new, revolutionary influences, but same kind of tunes have been seen also in New York and Paris Fashion weeks.
Marc Jacobs  is one example of innovative designer who is not afraid of showing new way to see world and fashion.

Marc Jacobs  F/W  2012, via:

Lets keep our mind open to new fascinating things: colors, shapes, sizes, combinations etc.
Lets enjoy extraordinary, narrative, cartoon - story telling fall - winter 2012!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How did I find Julius ?

I can only thank this gorgeous man, or should I say a young man, a boy?
I saw his picture somewhere, may be it was some ad of a shop.
I was impressed, he has totally a new look and some extraordinary charisma,
that is why he is this month's: The Man of The Month.

I believe his name isn't Julius, but he gives the face to the Japanese designer
Tatsuro Horikawa's men's collection named JULIUS.
The label focuses on presenting a wide array of gothic inspired clothing,
utilising the colour black extensively to explore its meaning in both avant-garde, spiritual, and religious aspects of the designer’s life.
Julius started as a primarily art related project and occurred in 2004 with the Spring/Summer collection.
Today it has grown to have a cult status in both Japan and abroad.

I like the collection a lot and even though it is a mens wear collection, there are many pieces I would like to have for myself.

Here some pictures of Julius S/S 2012 collection, enjoy:

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Monday, February 20, 2012

DIY of the week: Frozen art

It is still winter, freezing cold.
When temperature is below the zero, it's time to have fun with
freezing, beautiful ice decorations.
These are my specials for Christmas, but I think they
look at their best in the sunshine of upcoming spring.

klik the picture

After freezing gently pour warm water to the underside of the plate
and ice block will detach.

Instead of natures own decors you can use anything such as sparkles, pearls,

lace, coloured glass, silk flowers etc.
You get interesting tones by using coloured waters.
Then you have to add them gently or add another after the first one has frozen.
Hang a lot of these in the garden or on the balcony.
One way is to hang them to the window, but of course outside.

These are hanging in our garden. Here I have used rose hip,
lingonberry leaves and blueberry twigs. Rose hip can give lovely, light brownish
red color to the water.

It is fun to make other shapes too. 
I filled a cardboard milk pack with lingonberry leaves and water and top of all 
the suspending string. 
After freezing just rip of the cardboard pack.

I would be delighted if you send me pictures of you versions of these ice decorations ! 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

My dearest friend !

This handsome grey is most lovely poodle Caprice.
Caprice is my endless inspiration, three times per day he
takes me out for a walk to see constantly changing nature
and light.
They say that poodle is the second wisest dog of all and that
I agree. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Lovely to meet you!
Welcome to my blog!
This is the beginning of a new chapter for me:
I'll write and picture out everything that is interesting,
beautiful, odd, upcoming, etc. for me.
There will be things that inspire me, things that we can do
together, tips to figure out problems and so on.
Lets start:

Thursday inspiration

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Winter days mostly look like this; full of tones of white and grey.
This is like a painters empty canvas ready for painting.
Mind can travel easily and envisage without irritants.
Silence does good for the mind.

Fashion that I love to wear

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My newest favourite in fashion at this moment is FORME D'EXPRESSION.
Koeun Park launched her label FORME 3'3204322896
(also known as FORME D'EXPRESSION) in Italy 2005.
Her creations have an organic feel.
Fabrics and textures are important as well as their monochromatic
and earthly tones.
Silhouette is relaxed and soft, easy to wear anywhere.
S/S 2012 collection you can find here:

Functional and in fashion – is this possible?

Photo via: blog.dardanos.comand 

I really need these Sorel Caribu -boots now.

They are the only boots that manage to keep your toes warm.

Even fashionistas and celebrities have adopted them.
These boots are a big trend now in Paris, New York and London.
Here Ellen Macpherson wearing the style 'Joan' of Artic Boots.

DIY of the week: Fold Clutch

klik the picture

So easy to make that you can create one for each outfit.

You can change the material, colours, decorations and instead of a tassel
you can use for example a fancy toy, fur tail, pearls, what ever you like.
Be creative!
Choosing the fabric is the most important part: choose a solid fabric
like thick cotton or nylon.
A very good option are the upholstery fabrics because they are stiff,
and the form of the final bag stays nicely even though you have many things to carry.

Dream apartment

Yes, this is near London, in a neighbourhood called Stepney Green.

And this used to be a Victorian school, a gym and an assembly hall.
Due to its many windows, the apartment seems to be full of light which changes through out the day.
Only one space, no walls and the vaulted ceilings high above.

Parquet floors, well worn furniture and ancient industrial ornaments,

in the afternoon light, give a timeless, cozy feeling.

There is a care free, relaxed atmosphere in the kitchen corner.
Blue and cream Victorian tiling on the walls is gorgeous.
A lovely detail is the collection of old portraits.
Recycled wood has been used for the cupboards, and industrial chairs
are in original condition.
Sweet, romantic table cloth gives a great contrast.

This weeks colorcard

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At the moment my colour passion is turquoise.

I have painted quite a few things with turquoise in my study,
it really does brighten up the whole atmosphere.
Next time I will post some pictures for you.

I feel that turquoise gives its best when combined with the shades of brown to beige.
And don't forget the classic: turquoise with white.
I love this ACNE S/S 2012 outfit because of its colors and loose fit.

Have a nice weekend and remember:

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Sunday, February 12, 2012