Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mirror Mirror On The Wall ...

Mirrors are one of the easiest way to renew any room.
Mirrors reflect light so that you can create entirely new atmosphere.
Mirrors generate more spacious feeling and increase airiness.
You can use mirrors as pieces of art or act as a window. And most of all you can see there beautiful you!

There are many imaginative ways to frame and hang the mirror and those are the very important parts
to accomplish personal mirror setting witch is compatible with furnishing and decor.
Here some thoughts:

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Why have only one mirror?
Beautiful mirror setup can be made of old mirrors or you can collect old frames and craft them mirrors.
Stores selling mirrors cut the right size of pieces to you and also frame them if wanted.
Ideas to create:

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Furniture and decoration shops have enormous selection of mirrors.
Here I have pic only  few as example of the possibilities of the shape and style.

Hanging Mirror: TARGET,
Louis Wall Mirror: TARGET, 
Florentia Mirror: TARGET, 
Mirror With Hooks: TARGET,
Art Deco Mirror: FRIZ HOLLANDER,
Narrow Mirror: BEVELLED, 
Oval Mirror: TARGET,
Mirror With Candle Sticks: FUNCTIONALS,  
Catania Mirror: CRATE&BARREL,
Linea Mirror: CRATE&BARREL,
Strap Mirror: MERK, 
Yellow Mirror: BIG NANCY,
2 Normann Mirrors:

Mirror can be also big, artistic, modern interior element.
This requires lot of the surrounding, interior and furnishing.

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