Saturday, April 14, 2012

What´s up in Denim?

Denim, the all time favorite is once again very much in fashion this spring.
Jeans, shirts, jackets and shorts made of indigo dyed denim or chambray are not only for young generation.
Now older, more classic style ladies, have found this way to dress up. They use they jeans or shirts with blazers
Chanel type of jackets and of course with high heels and dashing jewelry.

Worn out, washed and ragged loose fitting boyfriend jeans are the look this spring in denim.
These are the jeans that you can combine with any other garment
and with right accessories you can use then as well in every day than in awesome parties.
Thigh fitting jeans are seen somewhat, but more in colored or printed stretch materials.
And that is an other story, witch more later.

In this summer the right length of the jeans is down to the angle.
The bottom of the leg can be for example raw cut and very worn out looking.
Long out been turn-ups are very suitable now.

Almost must is to wear jeans with high heels or wedges.
Now the heels and wedges are largely the eye-catchers, that decorated, colorful and fantastic the styles are.
Particularly heels give the new feminine touch that create interesting edge
when wearing e.g. with worn-look destroyed jeans.

Destroyed, vintage made shorts seems to be also next summer favorite to young people.
This is a fashion witch requires long and skinny legs.
Platform and high heels shoes helps a lot, but first look to the mirror, how is the shape?

Excellent basic garment to have is the jeans shirt, witch you can find many different alternatives to choose.
It can be made of light indigo stretch denim, lovely to wear or light, cotton, indigo chambray.
And in addition the great, basic shirt, there are big variation of styles.

Every closet should have one basic jeans jacket.
The classic style is great to combine with all your other garments, to have relaxed and up-to-date look.
Now there are many alternatives on styles, qualities, lengths and washing to find right style just for you.

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Have a Great Blue Summer!