Friday, March 02, 2012

Weekend graft

I have found out that beautiful, well made shoes must be never thrown or given away especially if the colour is black. Someday I think that I'm never going to wear that pair of shoes again, they are dull and so out of fashion. Due to experience I know that the day comes when I put whole house upside down looking for exactly that "pair of shoes". Many times I have been so unsatisfied with myself, that now I have far too many pairs of black shoes.
Then sometimes comes those shoe-inspiration-days when old black shoes are needed. Yesterday was one of them and I want now to share this, may I say fancy idea with you.

You need a pair of shoes, they can be flat or high heel, as long as they have this little edge at the bottom of the shoe. And of course the colour is up to you, all colours are suitable.

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Then you need some chain, any colour, but width of the chain should not be wider than the shoe edge.
Tongs are needed and glue too. I, myself, used hot glue, but if you want more safer attachment it's better to use superglue.
Measure the length you want for the chain and cut lengths. Glue the chain first to the tip of the shoe and continue to the both sides.

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Here are my new edgy black basics ready for the spring!

PS. Why not try this chain decoration to the heel of the shoe?