Saturday, March 03, 2012

Turquoise Lover

As you may have noticed, I have some kind of love affair going on with this powerful color turquoise.
Since my home have been many years neutral colored with white, brown and black, I now have stirring turquoise spots every where.
It all started last spring from pillows. I wanted to make something to brighten up the living room after the long dark winter and make it very easily and quickly.
I could not make my mind what would be the color, I only had decided that for this spring it will be some kind of COLOR!
I went to fabric store with out any specific in my mind and there my eyes catched a table where was side by side chocolate brown and some turquoise rolls of fabric in different shades. I must say it was love at first sight.
So, now I have pillows, pots, stools, frames, covers etc. turquoise colored and it really refresh the house. Turquoise is great color to combine almost with any color, and it loves brown, orange, white and blue.

Here some of my hand crafted turquoise objects, most of them are now in my workshop.

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