Thursday, March 22, 2012


It is well-known, that all your spring and summer shoes, witch we have purchased may be year ago look dull,
even they are still in good shape and so nice to wear.
It is time to give some update, edge to the shoes and the help is found from nearest Craft Store: leather or plastic paint,
depending what is the material of the shoes.
We choose of course one or two of neon colors, also mirror silver and mirror gold look fabulous this spring when renewing.
Then we need only brush and imagination.

Here here some ideas!

On the other hand we can make real Shoe Art.
This take a little more time and lot more colors, but the result is fabulous.
On this spring flowers are most fashionable patterns in every garment also in shoes too.
I have collect here some of the most beautiful flower shoes to give you inspiration.

1. Shoe Art by Andy Warhol,
2. Help to design paterns,
3. Fabulous Art Shoes,
4. Flover shoes,