Friday, March 09, 2012

Spring 2012 notes

Ever since the humankind lost his coat, he has borrowed the warm coat from natures other creatures. 
First the reason was to keep the warmth, but for a longer period of time the animal fur or skin wearing has start to reveal many other, more multifaceted things.
Always furs and animal skins have been sign of wealth and authority, after all they hunt or purchase has always demanded money, and power.
In particular, the reptiles and snakes leather has been symbol of magic, evil, femininity. Amusing is how femininity belongs to that group, but through the ages of women who use the snakeskin clothing is considered to be mean, mysterious and powerful.
Today fortunately, those meanings are blurred, and wearing leather clothing is not considered to be the more outlandish than the dress fabric clothing.
Mankind has driven many of the animals nearly to extinction, because of unlimited hunting. It is very good that has risen resistance against real furs and skins witch has led to the appearance of high-quality imitations.


photos via :dazeddigital

Snakeskin has been in fashion throughout history and from time to time displayed more strongly.
Already the autumn 2011 collections were displayed plenty of snake skin, it was widely shown in clothes and accessories. One of those collections was Prada.

photo via: elledecor

Even the interior stylists ware inspired and created some snake skin decoration products for the homes, of which here are a few samples presenter Elle Interior.

photos via: TommyTonBrownsnet-a-portermytheresaBarneysluisaviaroma

Autumn snake boom was just the beginning of a wider snake skin character of fashion, which is already visible in the streets.
So called “high street collections” have also affiliate this trend and it has taken a part on their collections.

photos via: TommyTonBrownsnet-a-portermytheresaBarneysluisaviaroma

In stores and in streets we can see plenty snakeskin prints in leisure wear, like t-shirts, trainers, jackets and specially in the jeans.
New issue is snake manicure witch I think looks rather fabulous.

Very beautiful snake skin prints are on light, sheer and transparent fabrics.
For the spring there is choice of lovely snake print, loose shirts, dresses and trousers in delicious color. 

For the coming spring and summer, collections have all shapes and sizes of bags made of snake skin printed leather or fake leather, combined with plain leather or fabric.
Variation of color is endless as it is in shoes too.

Women as well men in all ages have accept the snake skin. It is not considered to be as provocative as it use to be years ago.
You can see it dress older lady, with bag, shoes or for example skirt.

All the snake species are represented in their own natural colors and beautiful designs and this spring will bring colored snake skin, most handbags, jeans and footwear.

Younger people like to have have this design in tight jeans and tops, biker jackets and boots and dyed to bright, acid colors
In the jewelry the spring brings all different kinds of bracelets and wrist bands made of snake skin and in color, of course!