Monday, March 26, 2012

Grey, My New Love

One of my favorite color is the grey. There are so many lovely warm and cold shades of grey that it is truly colorful color.
Grey is excellent color to combine really with any other color from the color card.
There are certainly some colors witch are absolutely fabulous together with grey.
One of those colors is pink.
This spring, when neon colors are very much at front, neon pink is lot seen in interior decor element with grey.
Using neon shades of any color, must remember to use it only in few spots to make best effect.
Using softer shades of the pink, pinkish red or pink champagne, it´s not so challenging.
My next “color-love” in the interior decoration and also in the garderobe is definitely grey and I´m making plans to accomplish it.

Easiest way to add some pink is the neon pink tape. You can put the photos on the wall with it, or tape the edges of the shelf, also pillows are one easy way to add the color. If you like to print fabric, grey wool or linen lamp shades and pillows are just lovely with pink naive print.

To add some gray you can paint only one wall with it and chose little darker or lighter color to paint some of furniture. Make new upholstery to the armchair or buy a new throw.