Monday, February 20, 2012

DIY of the week: Frozen art

It is still winter, freezing cold.
When temperature is below the zero, it's time to have fun with
freezing, beautiful ice decorations.
These are my specials for Christmas, but I think they
look at their best in the sunshine of upcoming spring.

klik the picture

After freezing gently pour warm water to the underside of the plate
and ice block will detach.

Instead of natures own decors you can use anything such as sparkles, pearls,

lace, coloured glass, silk flowers etc.
You get interesting tones by using coloured waters.
Then you have to add them gently or add another after the first one has frozen.
Hang a lot of these in the garden or on the balcony.
One way is to hang them to the window, but of course outside.

These are hanging in our garden. Here I have used rose hip,
lingonberry leaves and blueberry twigs. Rose hip can give lovely, light brownish
red color to the water.

It is fun to make other shapes too. 
I filled a cardboard milk pack with lingonberry leaves and water and top of all 
the suspending string. 
After freezing just rip of the cardboard pack.

I would be delighted if you send me pictures of you versions of these ice decorations !