Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cartoon World

Color blocking has been for a while one of the fashion trends.
Many designers have made their personal look of it and it seems to go on even stronger.
Of course it is important and in time in summer collections, but it is seen also in coming autumn/winter 2012 collections.
Some designer have it very bright and others in slightly darken tones.

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It is very comprehend that colors have made their coming after many dark, gloomy, principally black seasons.
Also now we can see those colours, colour blocking even in neon colours on the streets. People want to be individual and want it to show out too.

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In New York fashion week, it was already noticed that the real fashionistas want to shine out, to be more distinctive.
More bright colours in clothes, bags jewellery and even in make up.

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But where are we going?
If we collect all impressions shown at streets and catwalks, it looks like we are more and more going to ”cartoon direction”.
If we look the guests of New York fashion week it was the obvious change.
Many fashionistas were having, may be little curious out look, like they were living creatures from some cartoon or fable.
They were telling their own cartoon by their clothes, and I think it is fantastic. It is a very welcome feature in fashion.

Meadham Kirchhoff  F/W  2012, via:

Peter Pilotto F/W  2012, via:

London fashion week is known as a very advanced ambience, and these infuences were more seen there than in other fashion cities.
There were collections as Louise Gray, Meadham Kirchhoff, Peter Pilotto and many other that show out the transform and cartoon – fable inspired new fashion direction.
Here are the stories of Star Wars, Barbie World and Simpsons.
Powerful, sweet Mangna girls are saving the world and big hatted girls in their buckle shoes are straight like from Jane Austin stories.

Jeremy Scott  F/W  2012, via:

Louise Gray  F/W  2012, via:

London is the leading city, when we talk about new, revolutionary influences, but same kind of tunes have been seen also in New York and Paris Fashion weeks.
Marc Jacobs  is one example of innovative designer who is not afraid of showing new way to see world and fashion.

Marc Jacobs  F/W  2012, via:

Lets keep our mind open to new fascinating things: colors, shapes, sizes, combinations etc.
Lets enjoy extraordinary, narrative, cartoon - story telling fall - winter 2012!